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Castello di Brolio Wine tour & tastings - (Madonna in Brolio, Gaiole in Chianti)
Fascinating and seductive, the history of Brolio is a treasure trove of stories to be discovered linked to the name of the Ricasoli family, the central cornerstone of the history and creation of the Chianti Classico DOCG wine.
At Castello di Brolio you can make several exclusive tours and wine tastings immersed in the magical atmosphere in such a representative place surrounded by the magic of the landscape and its historical and enogastronomic treasures.

In this link you can discover and choose the three different types of tours that Castello di Brolio offers its visitors:

Castello di Albola Wine tour & Tastings - ( Radda in Chianti)
The medieval village of Castello di Albola stands on the magnificent Chianti hills, in an unique location known for the charm of its history, for the evocative power of art and for the unique landscape and agrarian context of unrivalled harmony.

Once belonging to some of the most noble Tuscan Families throughout the ages, from the Acciaioli and the Samminiati to the Pazzi and the Ginori Conti, the estate has been in the care and protection of the Zonin Family for over 40 years.
Zonin Family's first task was to ensure that the vineyards would produce high quality grapes, and then to restore the outbuildings and the beautiful villa that had been built in the 16th century but maintained in its two massive towers the traces of the original mediaeval castle. A new winery has also been built, in perfect harmony with the landscape.

Here you can plan wine tours and tastings immersed in the beauty of the landscape surrounding Radda in Chianti.

You can consult the Brochure at the bottom of the page with the tours that Castello di Albola offers its visitors.